5 Best Embroidery Machines For Beginners — Get The Best From Rest

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After brainstorming some rough ideas and an intense debate with my team over the best embroidery machine for beginners, I’ve now realized to cover this topic. Why now realized? People on the internet often make excuses that embroidery is hard to learn, and there’s no basic version. But, they don’t know, every master was once a beginner so that you. 

Today, along with product reviews, you’ll also read a buyer’s guide that helps select the best from the rest. One other reason for the buying guide for the best embroidery machine for beginners is to enlighten what a top embroidery machine contains when it comes to quality and a strict budget. So, without further wait, let’s get started. 

Top Pick

Brother PE535

  • Large 3.2″ LCD
  • USB Port
  • 80 Built-in Designs

Budget Pick

EverSewn Charlotte

  • 80-Stitch
  • 6.5″ Sewing Space
  • Adjustable Speed Slider

Premium Pick

SINGER | Legacy SE300

  • 250 Built-in Stitches
  • 700 Stitches Per Minute
  • Dual Embroidery Hoops

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How To Choose The Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners — The Ultimate Guide

You can visit the market and buy the best embroidery machine for beginners right from the first vault. It’s up to you and your knowledge about the machines and tools. But, if you don’t know what to select, it’s best to read this buying guide because you’ll learn tactics to inspect a machine before making a purchase. 

Perfect Hoop Size:

Hoop sizes usually range from 100×100 to 360×350. An extension determines how long a machine will last, how durable it will be, and how much power it will have. Large items come in a variety of sizes and vice versa. Furthermore, you can begin your embroidery business at home with a 100×100 hoop.

Embroidery Throat Size:

The throat size refers to the distance between the body and the needle of the machine. The larger the size, the easier it is to access. You will enjoy the feeling of the material and the arm more if you have more room.

Usage Time:

Next, it’s all about the time you spend using the machine. Before getting the device, you should consider its use. You can choose plastic ones if you’re just an occasional user with minimal clients and your business is just a side gig. As an alternative, if you rely on it heavily daily, and it’s your primary source of income, you should choose metal. To run a successful embroidery business from home, it is essential to find the proper embroidery machine. 

User Type — Beginner Or Pro:

Many of my readers have already been here, catching up. They could buy directly here, so why would they come here? You will see a lot of brands competing with various machines having multiple features. In order to know what to buy, they came here. For beginners, I recommend going for a minimalist machine with simple features. 

You’ll be able to earn again if you go with a machine with advanced and updated technology if you’re a professional in the field. Be sure to check the embroidery designs and features before buying, so you get the most out of it. 

Built In Font Library / Internet Downloads / USB Ports:

You know what? For embroidering text on material, some embroidery machines come with only one font. Since all men have different tastes, a single font will not make your home business successful. People like new things, so if you keep doing the same thing over and over, you may lose clients. 

As a result, most of the machines in our list have a USB port for connecting to your computer to download embroidery fonts from the internet. These new designs can be played with and saved using an embroidery card reader. While the remaining apps have an extensive font library, so you won’t get bored by trying one thing over and over. 

You can use ready-made designs on autopilot mode in addition to fonts. Nowadays, most brands offer a USB import option that’s quite popular. To create an embroidery design, you should either make it in the embroidery software or download it from the internet. After completing the first color, the machine switches to the next color to complete the process. 

Speed And Number Of Needles:

Time is money, as you know. In addition, time management is crucial when you start a new home business because you have other responsibilities. It has nothing to do with sewing and embroidering for yourself, as you can change the colors or not, depending on your preference. For clients, you have to change colors, designs, and threads accordingly. 

With a multi-needle machine, you can save a lot of time. What? Changing colors on its own will be integrated into each needle to complete the project. So, you can use the saved time to maximize the productivity of your newborn business. 

Stitching speed is another factor that directly affects completion rates. You can slow down a faster machine to save electricity and increase durability. A slower embroidery machine, however, cannot be sped up. 

LCD Screen Size:

It is all about controlling and evaluating patterns using a digital screen. Connect some machines to the computer, transfer the design from software to view it here, and boom, the new design is ready for use. Moreover, it lets you preview your final design to see what the finished piece would look like. 


You can buy a portable machine because, as a beginner, you have to learn a lot of tactics from people. For that, you must transfer your device to people who know embroidery and design. So, get a lightweight machine that’s easy to carry and lift. 

The Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners — Review of 5 Low-Cost Embroidery Machines

In this section, you’ll have a look at the best embroidery machines for beginners like you. You can select the best one from the list after checking out all the reviews. The final decision is yours, but make sure to choose the one with the quality that can bear heavy beatings for your business or fulfill your hobby needs.

Top Pick

Brother PE535

3.2” LCD Touchscreen Check On Amazon
Premium Pick

EverSewn Charlotte

7 mm Maximum Stitch Width Check On Amazon
Kids Love

Brother PE550D

45 Disney Designs Check On Amazon
Premium Pick

SINGER | Legacy SE300

200 Built-In Embroideries Check On Amazon

Brother CS7000X

Wide Table and 10 Included Feet Check On Amazon

Brother PE535 — Best Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

We consider the brother PE535 the most accessible embroidery machine for beginners because it comes with a simple layout, and it’s just an under $400 embroidery machine.

The product offers multiple features that can satisfy the use of an expert and beginners as well. It includes a 4” x 4” embroidery area and ten frame patterns to show your creativity on large and medium fabrics. It can also do monogramming and lettering so that you can produce logos for famous brands. 

Other than that, you’ll get nine unique fonts style and 80 built-in designs to maximize your productivity. Falling deep, the machine includes 6 English and 3 Japanese fonts to brand your monogramming and embroidery business internationally. The embroidery machine also consists of a specific memory option to import designs from your design software via the USB port.

Further, you’ll also encounter a built-in automatic threader that takes care of threading for you so that you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes during thread changes. To control these multi-functions, you’ll get a large LCD color screen that enables you to preview your designs before you stitch them.

You can drag and drop the design via the screen at your fingertips. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it, because you’ll get a video tutorial in the box to set the machine and how to use the embroidery machine. Surprisingly, the device also covers a 25-year limited warranty. 

There is no rose without a thorn; it means the Brother PE535 has some downsides, which I want to discuss before disclosing its review and hump to another. Its needles are fragile it means you’ll have trouble embroidering thick material such as hats or jackets, but it covers thin material very well. Further, it lacks design space, meaning you can’t import too many photos and store them for later use. 


  • Easy to learn
  • Value for the money
  • English and Japanese fonts
  • 80 built-in designs


  • Fragile needles
  • Missing a large hoop

EverSewn Charlotte — Best Embroidery Machine For Home Use

Thanks to its LED stitch panel, the Eversewn Charlotte is today’s top pick that will make the stitch pattern and selection process easy. It remembers the design and everything, so you don’t have to remember and worry about which one you selected for the previous fabric.

Talking more about its stitches, you’ll get -stitch package. It makes sure you completely transfer your creativity with quilting and freehand embroidery. 

Since it’s free hand, I know that this process is quite tricky, but you can learn it in no time, just like other processes. Besides this, you’ll get a 7 mm maximum stitch length for large, medium, and small designs. It also contains a 6.5 inch (ca. 17 cm) vast sewing space with feed dog drop for both quilting & embroidery.

More so, the brand never forgets to include an automatic needle threader to prevent eye strain; a drop-in bobbin with a transparent cover plate and seven standard plates will make your work easy. 

You can easily adjust its speed with the finger speed controller. Also, you can adjust the stitch width, length and start-stop with the same button. Its numbered display makes Charlotte a perfect beginner sewing machine. Digging deep, you’ll get to know that Charlotte comes with a stitch library. This unique design feature makes the creative process of decorative stitching both fun and easy. Lastly, its maximum stitching speed is 650spm, and its free arm length is 150 mm. 

While reviewing, our editor didn’t like some of its features; they are; the EverSewn Charlotte doesn’t support embroidery surging. And it takes ages to get the tension right if you’re a complete beginner. It starts nesting, and the button thread sometimes becomes loopy after use of 2 or 3 years. So, if you’re on a tight budget, and wanted to kick-start your embroidery career, don’t look at the downsides and get this machine. 


  • Easy to use
  • Quick speed control
  • Robust metal frame
  • Popular among many celebrity bloggers


  • Loopy Button thread
  • Difficult tension setting

Brother PE550D — Best Computerized Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE550D is yet another beginner-friendly embroidery machine that showcases around 45 Disney designs. You can alter these designs on your child’s clothes and make serious money because moms love their stunning and stylish children. It also includes 125 built-in decorative designs that add another layer of creativity to the fabric.

More than that, this affordable embroidery machine features a 4″ x 4″ embroidery field, an included grid sheet, and alignment tools built right in. These tools help you align your design and needle position for precise placement on your fabric.

Are you looking for something else?

Yes, it comes with nine fonts divided into 6 English and 3 Japanese fonts for lettering and monogramming your designs. You’ll also get a 3.2” sew intelligent LCD screen to preview your designs before you make them live. Further, it allows you to easily adjust the designs by aligning text at an angle or in curves. Like the PE535, it also has memory slots that help you to import custom designs via USB stick and craft them for your clients. 

Down the road, the Brother PE550D comes with an automatic needle threader that prevents eye strain and also saves time for loading threads manually. You’ll also experience an additional editing feature through which you can move, resize, mirror, and rotate before starting a new project. Other than that, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry because it comes with a bilingual instructional DVD. 

Like the other products, it has some minor defects that you should notice before clicking buy now. Since it’s a low-cost product, the brand kept it an embroidery, which means it’s not a multi-function embroidery machine like the Heureux Z6 Computerized Sewing Machine. Another thing, you have to buy an additional embroidery hoop because it comes with a single 4” x 4” hoop for small designs.


  • User Friendly
  • Universal Fonts
  • LCD screen
  • Disney stylish designs


  • Single function
  • Small stock embroidery hoop

SINGER | Legacy SE300 — Best Large Embroidery Machine

The Singer Legacy SE300 was somehow made to our best extensive embroidery machine list according to customer reviews. It comes with 250 stitches that include basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonholes. These stitches make it a complete powerhouse of the embroidery field. You can embroider numerous projects with Legacy SE300, such as home decor, quilts, cushions, and so on. To prevent eye strain, you’ll get an automatic needle threader. 

You can preview your designs amid production on a large LCD screen, and you can also transfer design via USB stick, thanks to its USB port. Similarly, you can increase your production menu with 200 embroidery designs and 6+ alphabets for monogramming and lettering. It can also increase your production turnover with 800 stitches per minute speed and 700 embroidery stitches per minute. 

Although It’s warranted to use in the US and Canada at 110 volts, you can get a power supply to run it all around the world without worrying. The Singer Legacy SE300 also features essential embroidery tools, such as satin stitch foot, overcasting foot, blind hem foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot with underplate, and many more. More importantly, this best embroidery machine for beginners comes with dual hoops. 

  • Ten ¼” X 6” hoop for large designs
  • 4” X 4” for small and broader designs

Besides its multiple hoop sizes and other features, the Singer Legacy SE300 still lacks in some departments. Such as, the customer service for this specific product is slow. And, it has a fragile motor, which means it can’t take heavy beatings. You’ll be able to embroider fabric but at a slow speed, not as mentioned in the product description. 


  • Double size hoop
  • Numerous embroidery tools
  • 200 embroidery designs
  • Auto needle threader


  • Fragile motor
  • Bobbin fails to rewind sometimes
  • Lacks training video DVD

Brother CS7000X — Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine Combo For Beginners

Let’s sum up our last product on the list, the Brother CS7000X sewing, and quilting machine. Don’t get confused with its name because you can do embroidery by just purchasing an extensive embroidery foot, and you’re good to go.

When it comes to technical specifications, you’ll get 70 built-in stitches. It includes almost every design, such as quilting, decorative, and many more. 

More so, you’ll get seven 1-step auto-size buttonholes to take on your competitors and supply everything to your customers, right from your home, with this best embroidery machine for beginners. It also comes with an automatic needle threader that reliably pushes the thread through the needle and helps push your bobbin in place. Another thing to notice is extra accessories because you’ll get a wide table, ten sewing feet plus a quilt guide, a hard protective case, and much more. 

The machine itself is a great quilting, sewing, and embroidery device, but it lacks build quality. Since it’s plastic and flimsy, the machine jumps around as you sew and make an annoying feel. Just like the brother PE535, you’ll face difficulty setting up its tension as well. 


  • Makes good buttonholes
  • Nice embroidery stitches
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It comes with numerous accessories


  • Bobbin gets stuck
  • Plastic build
  • Can’t handle thick fabrics or multiple layers


It has been a pleasure, providing you with a wealth of knowledge about the best products available on the market. That’s all for today, though, since I have provided enough information. You can learn some great tactics to get the best embroidery machine for beginners from the buying guide. 

Although I don’t want to leave you barehanded, one thing I can do is recommend my favorite machine out of all of them. In truth, I love the Brother PE535 because it is a budget and beginner-friendly machine with lots of features and minimal lags.

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