Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine — Top 3 On The Market

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Suppose you are looking for an embroidery machine for business. In that case, you are at the right place because, in this article, I have showcased the top best multi needle embroidery machine, that comes with lot of features to outrank your competitors.

Top Pick

Janome 001MB7

  • 6 LED lights
  • 800 Stitches Per Minute
  • 9.4″ x 7.9″ Hoop

Editor’s Choice

BAi Automatic Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

  • Twelve Needle Heads
  • 13.7″x 19.6″ Hoop
  • 10″ LCD Touchscreen

Budget Pick

SINGER | Professional 14T968DC

  • 1300 Stitches Per Minute
  • 2-3-4-5 Thread Capability
  • 4 Built-in Rolled Hems

And, if you are serious about starting your own commercial embroidery business at home. In that case, you must have a quality multi-needle embroidery machine. There are two different types of embroidery machines. One is a single needle embroidery machine, and the second one is a multi-needle embroidery machine.

Now a question arises: 

What is a multi-needle embroidery machine?

The most significant difference between a single needle and multi-needle machines is that the single needle machine can only produce one color product at a single time because it consists of only one needle. While on the other hand, the multi-needle machine can have various color products because it consists of multiple needles.

In fact, the multi-needle machines have 6 to 18 needles on the head, resulting in various colors. In addition, these machines also contain ballpoint needles and sharp needles. Ballpoint needles are mainly used for sweaters, and short needles are used for denim, leather, etc.

3 Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine — In depth Reviews And Analysis

Now here, you’ll see the top products available on the market. So, hold your nerves, and lets get started.

Janome 001MB7 Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

The Janome 001MB7 is produced by one of the famous brand Janome. The brand has been producing stunning embroidery machines for a long period. You can get this multi-needle embroidery machine only in white color because due to many requests from customers, the brand is manufacturing this product only in white color.

Further, the weight of this machine is around 65 pounds. Apart from this, the dimensions of the products are length 9 inches, width 18.5 inches, height 12.8 inches. The best thing about this machine is it can read all professional embroidery formats, i.e., JEF+, .JEF, and .DST.

When it comes to monogramming, it offers about ten fonts, far better than other embroidery machines. Also, a USB port is inserted into the machine. You can connect this USB device with the internet and can download pretty designs for embroidery purposes. Another interesting thing about this machine is it can stitch 800 threads in one minute, which is the highest compared to other machines.

Moreover, seven multiple needles are attached to the machine, which helps in multiple color threading and quick changing in threads if needed. In addition, the brand embroidery field is quite impressive as the machine can operate embroidery designs up to 9.4″ x 7.9″ (238 mm x 200mm).

Furthermore, the machine also comes with a 5.7 inches remote computer screen, which is beneficial for having a clear image of the designs. The machine also consists of 6 LED lights, which makes the threading process much easier. Last but not least, Janome 001MB7 is also capable of finishing the loops in between the threads, which saves a lot of time and performs the threading process smoothly.

Apart from this, the brand has some drawbacks as well, which you have to compromise on. The machine consists of only seven needle heads that are less for stitching various designs quickly. Also, the machine produces loud noise, which is harmful to the patients at home.


  • Portable and compact.
  • Detect issues
  • Faster stitches
  • Ten stunning fonts for monogramming.
  • 6 LED lights for better threading.


  • Only seven needle heads
  • Produces noise
  • Some of its compatible fonts are expensive

BAi Automatic Embroidery Machine

Well-renowned brand Mothers manufacture the BAi automatic embroidery machine. The brand has had a good reputation for producing such interesting machines for stitching for the last 20 years. The brand is beneficial for cap/hat embroidery, logo, t-shirt, garment, shoe, bag, flat embroidery, etc. 

BAi embroidery machines come with an impressive weight of about 434 pounds. When it comes to the field, the machine can cover up to 13.7” x 19.6″ embroidery area. In addition, a computer screen is attached to the machine, which helps have a clear image of the embroidery designs.

Also, the machine comes with a USB port, which is beneficial for downloading beautiful designs for customers. An interesting thing about the machine is that you can download up to 200 embroidery designs, more than any other embroidery machine.

Furthermore, talking about its stitching speed, it can stitch 1200 threads in one minute, which is higher than the Janome embroidery machine. Moreover, it consists of 12 needle heads, which are quite helpful for multiple color threading options. Having more needle heads means you can complete the work in a short time. 

As you know, this machine is produced by a Chinese brand, and the instructions are also written in the Chinese language. Most buyers are out of China and can’t speak and understand the Chinese language, and it’s impossible to use a machine without reading the instructions. For this purpose, the brand has launched videos on YouTube in five different languages. Most buyers and viewers can easily understand the annual instructions written on the box of the machine. Last but not least, the machine can adapt to all the universal power supplies as it has a wide voltage range of about AC80V-260V.

Now let’s look at some major drawbacks of this Chinese machine. The BAI embroidery machine has no LED lights, and the user may face problems while stitching. The weight is comparatively higher than all other embroidery machines in the market.


  • Product of a well renowned Chinese brand
  • 12 needles for multiple color threading
  • It can adapt all power supplies
  • USB port that can download up to 200 embroidery designs
  • Computer screen for having a clear image of the designs


  • No LED lights for the threading process

Singer Professional Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

The singer’s multi-needle needle embroidery machine is a product of an American brand named SINGER. The brand has been manufacturing both single and multi-needle embroidery machines for the last 12 years. Like the Janome machine, this is also available only in white color.

Further, the machine comes with an impressive weight of about 20 pounds. The product’s dimensions are as follows: length 11 inches, width 12.5 inches, height 14 inches. In addition, the singer embroidery machine has a tension system, which means you have to select the chart and the tension settings for the stitching process.

Furthermore, the brand can stitch almost 1300 threads in one minute, which is more than all other embroidery machines going around in the market. More so, the machine has a wide range of stitch options for sewing seams, hems, decorative edges, rolled hems and cover hems, etc.

Last but not least, the brand also offers a warranty on this machine. Canadian and American people can only use this machine in their countries at 110 volts. If they use the machine on more than this voltage, then the brand is not responsible for the machine. Also, the brand is giving a 90-day warranty of Adjustments, Belts, Rings, Bulbs, Attachments; Limited 2-Year Warranty for Motors, Light assembly, Wiring, Switches, Speed control, and other electronic components.

Now let’s look at some drawbacks as well. The brand has no computer screen for having a clear look at the embroidery designs. Also, the brand has no USB feature for downloading the embroidery designs. 


  • Impressive weight of about 20 pounds
  • Fast speed, can stitch 1300 threads in one minute
  • Wide range of stitching options
  • 90-day warranty of all electronic components
  • 25 years warranty of the sewing machine heads


  • No computer screen
  • No USB port

Important factors to look at before buying the Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

Now here comes the time of buying the best machine for yourself. You are spending money on the machine, so you should buy a classic one that can fulfill all your needs and last for an extended period. 

There are various factors that you should look at and observe before purchasing the best machine for your business. Now without wasting a single moment, let’s discuss those crucial factors, so you can choose the best one for yourself without any difficulty.

Cost and Value

The first thing to consider before purchasing the machine is to finalize your budget and buy a valuable product within your range. Multi-needle embroidery machines are more expensive than single needle machines because they can produce different color products at one time. Also, you have to look for a device which can last long, so you don’t have to repair it again and again and spend money on it.

As you are starting your own business and buying a good embroidery machine is an investment, I would suggest making a handsome investment for a handsome profit.

Top Brands 

All brands say that they produce the best machines globally, but don’t believe anyone blindly without any research. After analyzing deeply, I have caught the topmost brands which are making the best multi-needle embroidery machines. Watch out for the brands in the list below.

  • Janome
  • Juki
  • Pfaff
  • Brother
  • Babylock
  • Husqvarna Viking
  • Bernina
  • Melco
  • Singer

Embroidery field and hoop sizes

When it comes to needle size, many embroidery machines are bounded and can only manage small dimensions. Some of them are restricted to only five-inch square embroidery fields, which is relatively less. If I buy the machine for business, I know that’s very low, and you will also not be happy with it.

There are multi-needle embroidery machines with different sizes of hoops and can manage a good embroidery area. I would recommend buying a machine that offers other size hoops and is not bounded in the embroidery area.

Design options

When it comes to design, it is better to look for a machine that offers various design options. Some devices offer much prettier design options than others in the market. Another day, I found very boring designs that were not suitable for my business. The customers were also not happy with them. In that case, you can also look for beautiful designs on the internet and download the best designs beneficial for your business.


Nowadays, almost all machines consist of USB connections which help to produce a variety of embroidery designs. After your device is connected to the computer, you can download the best embroidery designs for your customers. Always stay away from those machines which do not support connectivity features. Further, if you buy the machine for business, it should consist of a connectivity feature to increase your business capability.


Before purchasing the best embroidery machine, it is better to look at the display first. Some machines consist of tiny windows and offer no clear picture for designs. As I know, you want a clear view of the embroidery designs because you can’t connect to the computer repeatedly. So it is better to go for a machine that provides a crystal clear image of the designs you are using for embroidery.

Single thread vs. Multi thread

A single needle machine can manage both the single and multi-thread, but will take a long time. On the other hand, a multi-needle machine will do the same work in less time because of its multi-needle on the embroidery head. However, if you are starting your own business, it would be better to have a multi-needle machine because it can manage multiple projects at one time. You should have the skill to operate a multi-thread machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the least expensive multi-needle embroidery machine?

Nowadays, in the market, the least expensive multi-needle embroidery machine is the Janome MB4. Still, it has the least amount of needles as well. It consists of only four needles and can be used at home or for a small business.

How do I choose a good embroidery machine?

Before choosing a good embroidery machine, it is better to observe the following seven factors in it.

  • Cost and value
  • Embroidery field and hoop size
  • Best brands
  • Display
  • Connectivity
  • Design options
  • Amount of needles

What is the best embroidery machine to start a business?

There have been many brands producing embroidery machines for a long time. Still, Janome, Singer, and Brother are maintaining the quality and getting the customer applause.

What can I use my embroidery machine for?

An embroidery machine is used for decorating any type of fabric or cloth with a variety of color threads. You can embellish different leather jackets, denim jackets, school bags, and bedsheets, etc.

Final thoughts

So now here comes the time to end this article. So what have you decided then? Which multi-needle embroidery machine suits you the most? After reading this article to the end, I hope you will be able to make a quick decision and purchase a machine from the above three options. 

More so, suppose I am at your place. In that case, I will go with BAi Automatic Embroidery Machine because it comes with 12 needle heads which help stitch multiple colors of threads at one time. Also, the brand can stitch 1200 threads in one minute. Further, the brand also consists of a USB port through which you can download up to 200 embroidery designs for your business.

I think the above information is enough to make a profitable purchase and start your own embroidery business.

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