How to Fix a Sewing Machine Handwheel? Let’s Find Out!

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Ever wondered, what’s the reason behind your machine handwheel causing panic, and how to fix a Sewing Machine Handwheel?

Before fixing the sewing machine handwheel, first, you should know for what purpose you can use the sewing machine? A sewing machine is a machine used for stitching fabrics and different types of material together with the help of thread.

Now, if you have complications with your sewing machine, and you want to fix it yourself, you are at the right place. Because in this article, I have discussed all the steps regarding how to fix the sewing machine handwheel.

Some of our visitors also think that a brand-new sewing machine handwheel got stuck and not working properly? They can also benefit after reading this article until the end, as I have stated those problems in this article.

Now, without taking more time, let’s talk about those main problems, and Its easy-to-follow solution.

Why Sewing Machine Handwheel Get Stuck?- Main Problems

First, it is important to know why your sewing machine is not working properly so that you will be able to fix those problems easily. This will help you to prevent your sewing machine from stuffing again in the future.

1. Higher Thread Tightness

The first problem that affects your sewing machine is higher thread tightness. When you are sewing the fabric, you face jumble threads in lower threads, so that is due to the lack of tension in upper threads.

When there is a lack of tension in upper threads, the sewing machine takes more time passing the thread through the fabric. In this situation, the best solution is to re-thread your needle again to prevent tension in upper threads.

2. Wrong Threading

The second main problem by which your sewing machine got stuck is wrong threading. Therefore, it is beneficial to re-check the thread again. While examining the thread, you will observe loops that cause jamming of the sewing machine.

3. An Increase in Lint And Dirt

Over-usage of sewing machines causes lint and germs in the inner portions of the sewing machine. More so, the increase of lint and germs jam the machine. So it’s better to clean your sewing machine with time.

4. Crushed Belt

If the belt of your sewing machine is crushed from inside, it will cause problems, and your sewing machine will get stuck. So it is better to change the crushed belt with a new one.

5. Shortage of Oil in the Handwheel

Suppose you are using a classical model of the sewing machine. In that case, it is mandatory to oil the handwheel of the sewing machine frequently. Gears inside the handwheel should be oiled regularly for smooth and better working.

Don’t use oil in high quantities because it will damage the handwheel. First, put a little drop on the gears and test whether it works properly or not. If not, then add one more oil drop, so the handwheel turns smoothly.

Important Steps To Fix The Sewing Machine Handwheel

Now here comes the time to discuss the following steps that help you to fix your sewing machine handwheel by yourself without facing any difficulty. You can fix a sewing machine handwheel in the following three steps.

how to fix sewing machine handwheel

Let’s enjoy them!

Step 1- Altering the Innermost Knob

If you are using an old model sewing machine and it got jammed, then the first step you need to take is to alter the knob from the inside. The innermost knob can be locked, and your sewing machine handwheel will face difficulty in turning.

Therefore, people using classical models need to check the knobs on the inside. Also need to make certain alterations to unlock the knobs. One more cause of handwheels not turning properly is the jamming of a small wheel from inside. If you observe that the handwheel is jammed due to a small wheel, you need to adjust until it starts working perfectly again.

Step 2- Re-Threading the Sewing Machine

More often, the sewing machine gets stuck due to loops in threads that cause false threading. When there are loops between the threads, it adds tension to the handwheel, making it difficult to turn.

If you realize that your sewing machine handwheel is not working accurately due to loops between threads, you need to re-thread your machine. By re-threading your machine, you will observe that the handwheel is turning steadily.

Step 3- Cleansing the Bobbin Case.

After re-threading the machine, you need to check the Bobbin case if you are still facing the same issue. Bobbin case means an increase of germs and lint inside the machine by overusing it. Down the road, the increase in lint increases the chances.

But you don’t need to worry much about the bobbin case as you can solve this problem by yourself without taking help from an expert. You need to take a portable brush and scrub it to all parts of the machine. After scrubbing, take a small piece of cloth, dip it into the water and wash all those scrubbed areas. 

At last, after cleaning all the parts, put the machine out in the sun and wait for 30 minutes until it drains water completely. 

When you complete the procedure, check whether the handwheel is feeling relaxed or not when turning? If it’s still not turning smoothly, there might be some lint left. So you need to perform the above process again until the handwheel feels easier to turn.


Now it’s time to conclude this article with final words. I hope after applying the above three steps, your sewing machine handwheel will start working accurately. But still, if it’s not working according to your requirements, you don’t need to do any further steps because you may increase the damage more.

In this case, the best option is to take your machine for service to a mechanic because they have excellent knowledge about how to fix a sewing machine handwheel.

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