How To Remove Permanent Fabric Glue? Let’s Discuss

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Before talking about how to remove permanent fabric glue first, it is better to know for what purpose fabric glue is used. You can use fabric glue for joining different types of fabrics. 

But when it goes to unwanted places, then it is pretty hard to remove. But you don’t have to worry because, in this article, you will see how to remove fabric glue in 5 methods with ease.

The first is to confirm the glue type. Knowing the glue type will help you do the operation accordingly without damaging the fabric if you are also facing the same problem, so Congrats! You are at the right place. I guarantee you will get your problem solved by reading this fantastic article till the end.

Now, without taking further time in general discussion, let’s solve your problem of how to remove permanent fabric glue.

Removing Fabric Glue- Essential Things You Must Know

Fabric glue is as dangerous as a bullet. In other words, if you shoot a person, the bullet stays in the body, and it is impossible or hard to take out the bullet from inside the body. 

Similarly, suppose the fabric glue goes to an unwanted place or clothes. In that case, it’s pretty hard or impossible to remove the glue without damaging the fabric or cloth. 

Still, there are some techniques of removing the glue from the fabric without damaging the cloth. As I said above, first, you have to dictate the type of glue because there are maximum types of fabric glue which includes:

  • Urethane
  • Polyurethanes
  • Natural liquid latex

5 Best Ways For Removing Permanent Fabric Glue

People have been using glue for connecting fabric from a long period. And it’s now a new thing that the glue mistakenly gets into an unfavorable place. 

What happens next? Some people start panicking and destroy the fabric. But you have to stay calm and follow the below 5 methods. As a result, you will have the glue removed from that unfavorable position.

Attempt Dry Cleaning Solution

Maximum types of glue are against the washing machines, or you can say they resist the washing machines. And struggles against the solution used in the dry cleaning process. So I recommend, for removing this type of fabric glue, take your clothes for dry cleaning.

attempt Dry Cleaning Solution

As fabric glue is a pretty dangerous adhesive, it is impossible that the glue will be removed from the fabric by following this one step. Maybe the dry cleaner will put your piece of cloth again and again into the machine for a better result. 

If you are not happy with this process, so you can use a home dry cleaning kit. Still, you will have to wash the cloth several times. Still, the better thing about the home kit is you will be relaxed and more comfortable performing this operation by yourself at home

Dry Cleaning Solution Instead of the Kit

Some people don’t like full-day cleaning. They want rapid removal of glue from the fabric. If you are one of them, so it is better to use a dry cleaning solution. 

By the way, it’s the solution that removes the fabric glue. Just take a rag, soaked it into the solution, and then wipe the glue. This is the best way of removing the fabric glue, but during the process, your cloth color may come out.

Scratching Off the Glue

You can also remove the fabric glue by scratching the glue with a blade. If the glue is in a heavy amount, then it is better to use a sharp blade. You should take help from a professional person to avoid damaging the cloth . Whereas for few dots of glue, you can use your nails for scratching. In other words, tool changes, method is constant. 

Scratching Off the Glue

You have to gently skate the tool under the glue and start jerking until it detaches. It is better to perform this method with dry glue because fresh glue will only blur the spots and make the situation more complicated.

Hot Steam

Place a cotton sack over the glued spots and squeeze the iron over it if you want to remove heat-bonding glue. It is better to slide the iron several times for a better result. Also, you should apply little pressure and do not hold the iron in one place. 

Hot steam

Try to change the positions of iron slowly so it won’t sit in one place. At last, when you are sure that the spots are entirely heated, pick up the sack of the fabric.

Steam is the best option to soften such kind of strong adhesives. Still, after steam, some spots may not remove altogether. Take a humid cloth and apply it on glue spots. 

After that, give enough heat so the glue shifts from the fabric. In the end, when you are happy that no glue is left behind, wash the cloth for a new brand look. 

Baking Soda

According to my research, I suggest using baking soda for the removal of glue. It’s the most potent enemy of glue. Now what people do is they take two-part of baking soda. After that, they mix one part with coconut oil and the other one with vegetable oil. 

baking soda

I prefer a mixture of coconut oil. Take a toothbrush, dip the brush completely into the mixture and scrub the spots. In the end, wash the cloth by hand or in a washing machine for a desirable result. 

Nail Polish Remover

Some people prefer nail polish remover over the above 4 methods. People love to use Goo Gone remover for removing fabric glue. 

NAil polish remover

First, it is better to perform a small test to see how it will react to such chemicals. Acetone is used in making this remover, which is best for the removal of fabric glue. For simple fabric, you can use a pure form of acetone. 

Whereas, it is better to use nail polish remover for fine fabric. Remember not to use remover on color-dyed fabric. As it will remove both glue and color. Use the liquid with a bit of cotton and then wash it.


I don’t want to leave you, but for your kind information, according to my promise, I have discussed all the 5 methods about how to remove permanent fabric glue. I hope now you will not face any issue regarding removing fabric glue from unwanted places. Lastly, I am grateful that you have read this article till the end.

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