How to use a Rotary Cutter with the Cutting mat

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Some tailors I know even prefer using scissors for cutting clothes and choose not to use a rotary cutter. Are they missing out on some easy jobs? Maybe. OK, from the way I see it, maybe not so much. But after trying one out and hearing what people say about this tool, scissors can be put aside!

That’s why, we will explain How to use a Rotary Cutter with the cutting mat today.

What is a rotary cutter? 

How to use a Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters are used to cut fabric flat on a work surface. All rotary cutters are the same, but they do not have the same blades or handles. They may have a 45 cm blade or a 65cm! Blades have either an ergonomically curved or straight handle. You can use this tool with scissors, and they will complement each other very well.

If you like pushing pizza around, but wish that it could be more like pushing paper around and making neat folds instead of having bits fall over the edge and get messy, then our handy-dandy fabric cutter is just what you’ve been looking for! You can cut out whatever shapes you wish in your fabrics – even several layers at one time! Now, who said you couldn’t cut fabric like a professional chef cutting pasta?!

How to cut fabric with a rotary cutter? And why would you? The main reasons why you should get a rotary cutter.

When you use a fabric pattern piece to cut your fabric, it’s important that you understand the many ways that certain fabrics can stretch, shrink, fall out of place, and distort. Editing a pattern to fit this fabric is more difficult.

How to use a Rotary Cutter

Errors are frequent, and the outcome is distorted far too often. If you continue in your ways with scissors, your project will be left incomplete very soon because garments take time to sew – mistakes like these entirely eliminate precious time! That’s why when using a fabric pattern, it’s best to use a detailed or complex computerized design line program. It allows you to stay on top of all facets without fear, as mistakes are impossible!

In the long run, using scissors can often result in painful fingers and wrists. Rotary cutters have an ergonomic design to provide one with more comfort even after hours of cutting and trimming. With their better built-in design, they don’t weigh much either so they’re a lot easier to use than scissors!

When cutting patterns for your fashion line, one thing you should definitely consider is that when cutting multiple pieces, the traditional way (i.e., with scissors) can be rather time-consuming and tedious. On the other hand, instead of lifting up the fabric as you cut with a nice pair of craft scissors, using rotary cutters allows you to cut many layers of fabric in one go. This saves time and prevents distortion while avoiding mutilating finished pieces with regular scissors.

How to use a Rotary Cutter?

Use pattern weights to keep all the layers of fabric and your pattern in place if you’re using that on a cutting mat. It’s easy for them to shift, which will make it very difficult if not impossible to cut straight lines.

The things you need to operate a rotary cutter are mats and pattern weights. You may also want to use a long ruler if cutting straight edges.

We recommend that you only use rotary cutters on mats (self-healing or otherwise) – this safeguards your surface from the blades dulling it. It’s also better to keep away from hard mats as they can damage your blades. Being damaged or dull will lead to inconsistencies in your cuts and ultimately affect the integrity of your project.

A rotary cutter has the ability to make cuts that create straight edges on pieces of fabric that are sharp. Use the mat with its measuring lines as a guide for your cuts. Use a clear ruler if you do not have the mat, just like on this project where I can use a clear ruler as my guide.

How to use a Rotary Cutter

Washing your fabric will prepare it for cutting. The washing process aligns the thread fibers and then sets that direction. If a garment cut from fabric with no defined grain line is dry-cleaned or washed afterwards, they both break up those straightened fibers and the garment will have a ‘not-right’ feel to it.

Precautions to use when cutting with rotary cutters

You should use the blade of a rotary cutter with caution, as it is very sharp. This can cause injury when allowing the blade to come out of the body, which happens when you press the switch on its handle. Always remember to keep the knife in a safe position when you rest your hand on top of it, and make sure to never allow children to use rotary cutters unsupervised.

A rotary cutter is a tool that has a button on its handle. When you press the handle, the blade will emerge. This safety feature keeps the blade out of your project and off of your hands when not in use.

You should never turn this blade on or bring it anywhere near anything but fabric while you are using it, no matter what. The rotary cutter is even sharper than your average kitchen knife and can gut a project just as quickly-even through layers of fabric!

Rotary cutters need to be refillable and sharp. They often come with replacement blades, so make sure you have them handy before you begin cutting anything.

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